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David's Page

Arranger ~ Director ~ Coach ~ Mathematician


David Wright holds a PhD in mathematics.  He graduated from David Lipscomb University in Nashville then earned his doctorate at Columbia University in New York.  He joined the faculty of Washington University in St. Louis in 1972 and has been there ever since.  He is a full professor and recently retired as chair of the Department of Mathematics after serving in that role for 12 years.  He teaches (and wrote the textbook for) a very popular course, "Mathematics and Music."  He is a sought-after colloquium speaker for such subjects as "Polynomial Automorphisms, The Structure of Automorphism Groups," "Stable Tameness of Automorphisms," and "The Jacobian Conjecture."  He's a very smart guy!

David has arranged hundreds of songs in the barbershop style, earned three district quartet championships and - of course - four international gold medals as associate director of the Ambassadors of Harmony.  He is a Music Category judge, a popular coach, and an avid historian for the Barbershop Harmony Society.

He has four passions (in no particular order):  barbershop harmony, mathematics, Sandi (me), and beer!

Next to family, barbershop music, mathematics and beer, David has a passion for his Jeep! Here he is in front of our house in St. Louis.

David's brother Wayne introduced him to barbershop

There is nothing like sharing music as a family affair.  David is a Music Category judge and his brother, Wayne, is a former Presentation Category judge.  Wayne is credited with introducing David to barbershop harmony - and aren't we glad!  Our children, Gene, George and Chris all have music in their lives.  Gene (Doc) Spilker is an active member of the Ambassadors of Harmony and is a Performance Category judge.  Christina Paris is active in community theater in Madison, Wisconsin.  George Wright is a (sometimes) musician in New York City.  All of us sing barbershop - and we're all baritones!  To us, vocal music is a family activity.

Sharing a hobby brought us together.

David Wright, PhD

For a complete list of David's arrangements, plus all the instructions you'll need to order, just click on the website below.

David and Sandi
On the porch of the family farm in Kentucky.