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Class Handouts

Sandi and David Wright

PDF versions of the handouts can be downloaded and copied.

SAI vs BHS Judging System

The Aging Voice - Female Version

From B To A


Making An Exciting First Impression - Handout

Putting the Motion In Emotion Handout

The Many Textures of the Voice - Handout

Showmanship For Dummies - Handout

Risk - 2017

Creating A Chorus Experience - Handout

Quartet Class "SHOW Business and Show BUSINESS - Handout

Quartet Class Fixes - Handout

Right Brain / Left Brain - Handout

Fish Philosophy - Handout

Marketing To Women of Today #1 - Handout

Marketing To Women of Today #2 - Handout

Membership Begins With ME - SAI

Creating A Visual Plan - Handout

Costume - Handout

Woodshed Class - Handout

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