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Ms. Senior Missouri America

Sandi Wright, Ms. Missouri Senior America 2018

Sandi Wright, Ms. Senior Missouri America 2018
The Contestants for 2018

Nancy Wilkinson, Sandi Wright, and Linda Franchini

Sandi Wright was named Ms. Senior Missouri America in July 2018.  
For those who don't know how this works (and might be interested for next year...), you must be 60 years or older to enter. We were judged in several categories: 30% of the score is based on an interview with the judges (behind closed doors). We never know what they are going to ask so we must be prepared to think on our feet. We are judged in appearance, emotional control, intelligence, first impression, personality, responses to questions, and vocabulary, speech and grammar. Then 30% of the score is for the 2 1/2 minute talent portion: entertainment value, stage presence, technical skill, and costume/props/voice/choreography. The evening gown part is 20% of the score where the judges evaluate your gown choice, attractiveness, overall first impression, personality, poise/grace, posture, sense of confidence and stage presence. Then 20% is a timed 35-second "Philosophy of Life," which is the ability to memorize and deliver your oration, its inspirational words, the delivery, from the heart, poise and how unique and personal it is. 

It was really fun to prepare for, it provided some goals (like weight and musical skills), and since I'm already comfortable in eyelashes, big hair, and all-in-ones, it was not much different than all those other times I've performed with quartets and choruses...except this time I didn't have other parts to lean on. Sobering and daunting for this harmony singer. 

The next step is the Ms. Senior America Pageant, where I'll represent Missouri with other state winners. You only get one shot, so I've surrounded myself with the best past winners and coaches. I will say, I would never have been able to accomplish this without the support of David and my amazing team of coaches (made up of past Ms. Senior Missouri Pageant winners).

So thank you ALL for the outpouring of support and well-wishes. I will do my best to make you all proud at the "big dance," and I'll have each of you in my heart as I travel to Atlantic City in October!

With love,
Sandi Wright
2018 Ms. Senior Missouri America