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Family Album

Wife ~ Mother ~ Grandmother

David and Sandi Wright

Sandi's daughter, Christina Spilker Paris, is married and has two sons.  Chris has spent a career in the United States Air Force and is currently a Lieutenant.  She will graduate with a masters in nursing this year.  Chris, Matthew and sons, Matt and Andy, live in northern Wisconsin where they like to hunt and fish.  Chris is active in regional community theater.

The Paris Family
Andy, Matthew, Christina (daughter) and Mattie

The Spilker Family
Wendy and Gene

George and David

George is living the life of a single guy in New York City. He has his Master's Degree in music composition and spends most of his time on casting calls and taking in the excitement of the Big Apple.


Son Gene, Sandi and husband David

Sandi and David got married in 1985, and after 29 years of marriage you only have to watch them together to know that they're still on their honeymoon. It is one the great love stories of all time.

David Wright

Autumn and Grandpa

Christina is Sandi's Daughter
She is active in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Sandi and her children
Christina, Gene, and Sandi

Sandi's son, Gene (Doc) Spilker, is married to Wendy.  They have two children, Autumn and Gene III.  Gene is a chiropractor and is on staff as a clinical instructor and classroom teacher at Logan University of Chiropractic in St. Louis.  He is also a front row member of the Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus and serves as a Certified Presentation Judge.  Wendy is active in St. Louis Harmony Chorus and sings in a quartet called Take Four.

Gene presented a Master Class
He sings with the Ambassadors of Harmony